Why skin bleaching is on the rise in Nigeria

 Nigerian or Africans are not the only country that bleach,  Asians tone their skin to look fairer, and a whole lot of other individuals either altering their body or toning to look better or different from their initial look. 

 I know am a Nigerian from the motherland where the majority of us are dark, I am also dark and I am proud of it, that notwithstanding the majority of Nigerian who bleach have their own tale to tell.

The truth is an average Nigerian guy is always thrilled when he comes across a fair skin lady, they tell you black is beautiful but fair skin is attractive,  it doesn’t matter how the face looks like after all.

 So recently, a male friend of mine told me his friend who bases overseas is looking for a woman to marry from our town, but… The lady must be fair.  like I have heard this countless times from many men who put skin color first before considering any other thing in marriage. Crazy isn’t it?

Like a fair lady, you are easily sported wherever you go, and most men can’t take their eyes of you, simply because your fair skin color illuminated their lust.

A close male friend of mine told me he wants to get married to a fair-skinned lady because he wants to have beautiful and handsome kids, I was like are you really going to be fair before you feel beautiful?.

Last week an acquaintance told me he must get married to a fair-skinned curvy lady so that she will always steal everybody’s attention in every occasion, and they will have superb kid, I asked him about attitude and some other qualities one should look out for before considering settling down with a woman, he said physical appearance first. 

Do you see where our problem started? Most girls tone their skin to look attractive and more sellable to the opposite sex, the rise in the rate at which women in Nigeria tone their skin is a result of men’s sudden preference to fair skin ladies.

 Of course, these ladies do this to please your quest for fair-skinned ladies, some are afraid of losing their men out to oyibo ladies.

Most of our black sisters are suddenly fair overnight, I know of a little girl living with my senior brother when she was little, last time I visited you couldn’t believe what I saw, she is so fair that I didn’t even recognize it was her.

Don’t be surprise to meet your sister whom you left when she was dark, a fair lady when you return, don’t be surprised when that classmate you know back in the days becomes white the next time you meet again. 

Do you know what’s funny? Most of these ladies are spending a fortune trying to keep up with the artificial light skin. This further stresses the fact that the average black man/woman hates their skin. Mind you women are not only guilty of this, men have joined as well.

One thing is for sure, in everything we do, there are consequences,  skin bleaching is not a solution for your low self-esteem, you allow someone or circumstances to force you into toning your skin because you are not proud of who you are. 

you don’t have to be fair to feel beautiful,

you don’t have to be thin to feel beautiful

you don’t have to be tall and slenderly to feel beautiful

because you are amazing just the way you are

Self-confidence does not come from the physical look, it comes from acceptance of who you are and genuine likeness of you. Love yourself enough till you become a standard.

Note… not all Nigerians are interested in fair skin ladies






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  1. Whoa! I love this. I wanted to write on this topic because what I see especially in Lagos and calabar both men and women is not encouraging, when you take a glance at their hands, legs but you have said it all

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