Why people keep talking about Nigeria

We have leaders who hate to stay in their country:

It’s only in Nigeria leaders will come out to say they have built a world-class hospital only to fly to India or the UK for medical treatment, even to check their blood sugar level. They never got close to the hospital after commissioning. The only time our leaders were seen visiting their world-class hospital was during the outbreak of coronavirus. How can you not talk about us when our leaders are patronizing your medical centers.


   Our interest in education:

Nigerians have been heralded as one of the most educated citizens living in foreign countries. So how can you not talk about us when we are doing well in different schools all over the world? Bagging first class like no man business.


 Our religiosity:

 The church headquarters. Land of miracle workers. Home of rich pastors, poor members. Is located in Nigeria. Check out the top ten richest pastors in the world and Nigerians are almost five out of the ten. We perform a lot of miracles down here, wonders that you have never imagine. We have the biggest church in the world here,


    We are popular for our romance scam:

Nigeria is a place where every Jane, Grace, and Mary from a fancy country claimed to have sent their hard-earned savings. And now they’re working tirelessly with the FBI to get them back after discovering that it was a false promise. So a lot of women are working to get their money back from the so-called ghost boyfriend that sugar tuned them to send money for them.


    A country where religion brings enmity instead of peace:

    Nigeria is a country where activities such as sport, music, marriage, burial and birthday celebrations could bring together sworn enemies. No, not religion, that’s where the enmity begins. You don’t think we ‘re united? Okay, just wait for             Nigeria’s “Super Eagles” soccer club to start their high hope matches


We are popular for cyber-crime:

 So one of the reasons people won’t stop talking about Nigeria is because we’re smart with the Internet and the computer, I know you ‘re aware of the recent Hushpuppy case that was caught in Dubai and Obi Okeke in the USA. We ‘re so popular with this scandal, don’t jump into judging me please, just understand I am enumerating different ways the world eep hearing about bus


Out entertainment industry is doing well:

Nollywood is ranked second after Hollywood, Nollywood in Nigeria produces about 50 films every week, our artist’s going international and collaborating with a foreign artist, I hope you know that Burna Boy Won Best International Act At BET Awards 2020, a lot of people around the world love to listen to our music.


     We don’t joke with celebration:

 This is a place where every weekend is a celebration; bars packed up, colorful wedding celebrations, clubs packed to the brim, religious services echoing to the sky, and even burials of old relatives call for a party. Usually, we block the government road, causing heavy traffic during the celebration.


Inter-racial marriage:

 Whatever the explanation for such a marriage, it remains true that Nigerians love other races more than they love them, wherever a Nigerian stays and settles is his second home especially the Igbo tribe.


We are everywhere:

where ever you visit and no Nigerian lives there, just pack your things and move out cus that place is not habitable, people keep talking about Nigeria because we are everywhere, in your city, street, neighborhood, flat, etc tell me why you can’t stop talking about us when we are everywhere close to you.


 We are magical:

Nigeria is a country that has recently been declared world poverty capital. And the home of the fabulously corrupt leaders. Yet it has continued to remain Africa’s biggest economy. Don’t you find this  magical


We are also popular for our jollof rice:

 To date we are still at the top of the jollof rice pyramid in West Africa despite our minister of information who’s name is undoubtedly Lai Muhammed, claiming it was the Senegalese. Nigerian jollof rice is still the best a lot come to know us through this saga


We are so generous:

It only in Nigerian that the president or government officials fly out for a peacekeeping summit when the country in bad shape, they run away from trouble in Nigeria but visits other troubled nations to make peace and return normalcy in their state. We give generously without expecting anything in return; we act the big brother African to other African countries, always extending a hand to the needy countries, not needy citizens dying in the country.


The list continues, but I will taking a break because I have other things to write about, if you think I miss anything add yours in the comment section









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