Why People Can’t Stop Talking About Inyi


Inyi is a town located in Oji River Local Government Area of Enugu state in Nigeria. It’s about 60 kilometers to Enugu City, the capital of the State, 45 kilometers to Awka, the capital of Anambra State, and 35 kilometers to Nnewi via Ufuma City. It is situated in the south-eastern part of Nigeria and is predominantly inhabited by members of the Igbo ethnic group.

Their hospitality

They are known to be very hospitable and cheerful people, they are most notable for the way we entertain their guests when you visit any household. Your host will give you VIP treatment that will make wish to come another time. They have a unique way of attending to visitors, starting from offering a Kola nut to, presentation of Ncha (African. Salad ) and palm wine.

Kola nut


The first thing they offer you is kola nut (Oji). It is a sign that you are welcomed to their home.

but if peradventure he runs short of Kolanut, he may choose to offer you coconut instead.


Traditional Inyi people entertain their guests with Ncha, served with dried fish and vegetables in the form of a delicacy. Inyi people are blessed with rich food of which Abacha[ food items deriving from cooked cassava tubers shredded to sizes and types] is at the top, they make varieties of Abacha to suit their daily taste. Ncha is most popular among the people of Inyi because of its distinct characteristics and Its cultural role

Palm wine

Inyi people love fresh Palm wine (White Palm Sap water) from local Palm wine tapping, because of its beneficial impact on their sight, they believe the yeast content in palm wine build strong immune to an eye problem. They find it entertaining to serve their guest with a keg of fresh unadulterated palm wine. adulteration of palm wine seems to be a taboo amongst them, thus, they are popular for their palm wine with a natural taste



Inyi women are great in pottery, especially women from Agbaliji and Alum Inyi, they use clay to fashion pots that will leave you stunned. There are different pots fashioned for different usage.

This is the major occupation of ancient people of Inyi, people Keep talking about them because of there pottery skill

The income generated from the sales made from the pots serves as a source of livelihood for lots of families.

In modern times lots of women are no longer interested in the craft because of the low demands of earthen pots. During my tour, I discover that the older women are the only ones still preserving this craft. Youths seem not to be interested in the ancient business


Inyi people enjoy each other’s company so much that they are said to drink from the same cup without worries or reservations. History has it that, the famous gods Ajala bounded the people of Inyi together in an Oath that forbids any person from engaging in any ritual act, thus money ritual does not favor the people of Inyi

As a result of this ancient covenant, the phrase ‘ Inyi an anu mmanya na otu iko’ (inyi people drink from the same cup) originated. You may think this is not possible but I witnessed it recently when I visited the local market, they drank from one cup. Sign of unity and trust to some extent.



Inyi people have a popular festival known as Ajala Inyi, Ajala is a strong deity in Inyi, the celebration usually take place in September, but this very year 2020 Took place on October 2nd.

This festival is as ancient as the Inyi people, it lasts for four Market days starting from Eke, Orie Afor, and Nkwo. Ajala Inyi festival is always accompanied by the display of masquerades to entertain the people. If you love to watch masquerade that much, you may want to give this a trial

Their market

Inyi has a very big local market, it takes place every four market days, the traditional calendar in Igbo land.  Nkwo is the biggest market in Oji River, not in terms of landmass but terms of availability of a commodity, you can virtually buy everything you need here and it takes place daily.

A lot of people visit the Nkwo market from a far place like Enugu City, Awka, and other neighboring Towns.

Tourist sites

Inyi have lots of Tourist attraction that you might never know, there are caves in Alum Inyi which history had it that, during the Nigeria/Biafran war, their forefathers hid in the cave for survival, and they also kept their wives and children in the caves while going out to face the enemy.

There are mysterious Achighi, Ishi Achighi, and Nwachighi streams located in Agbaraiji, Umuome, and Alum precisely. These stream gods and goddesses perform wonders but have some mysteries that they embody, they have rules of activity, when they get provoked by the people they sometimes, dry up, turn to blood or kill the perpetrators.

Those days they serve as places of justice for the oppressed till people started breaking laws and they became less effective.

They have a stream that you can scuba dive but it advisable you visit during the dry season. They include Oji Arum and Ighi oku, and Ngwara stream, this stream is always filled up with youths during the dry season and festive periods. you can wash and swim to your satisfaction, it always fun and people come back to the village to enjoy the spot

Things they forbid

Inyi people have the things they forbid, Just like some other cultures who forbids one thing or the other. They do not eat Monkey and Tortoise, anybody found guilty will be punished or be compelled to conduct burial for those animals. These are cultures common to them and they respect it to date.

Popular for

They are also known for their delicious Okpa, just like other parts of Enugu State, people of Inyi prepare delicious Okpa.

they either sell it within their environment or take it to Oji Express, many travelers always stop at Oji Junction to have a taste of it. It is the first thing Travers thought of each time they to Oji junction

People can’t stop talking about Inyi because

  • They are hospitable
  • Because of the delicious okpa
  • Because of their ancient pottery works
  • Because of their natural disposition                                                                                                            Have you visited inyi town? What do you think I miss

Indeed Inyi is a place to be, I hope you visit someday,

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