When The Christmas Season is Challenging


When The Christmas Season is Challenging

Merry Christmas to all of you and thank you for being here to read my blog.

Like everything else this year, Christmas 2020 will likely look very different from what we’re used to.

With coronavirus disease rates rising again and local lockdowns coming into effect almost in all state of Nigeria,

Regular Christmas will totally be different from what has always been obtainable. This year – 2020 – has been cruel and harsh to many and the  Festive Season has become a season of dread for many.

The big question is,  how do you get through these challenges In this festive season and still be happy

 The challenge

However, this year – 2020 – has been cruel and harsh to many and the  Festive Season has become a season of dread for many.

We have all been impacted by the pandemic and lost loved ones and friends to the cold hand of death and are dreading facing the Festive Season without the one we love in our lives to celebrate with

COVID came forth in the first quarter of the year and many businesses went under and people lost their jobs. They are uncertain about what to expect this Christmas

The #ENDSARS  protest which resorted to the heavy massacre of Innocent youth at the lekki toll gate,  and other brutal killings, and deaths all over the country has left a whole lot of Nigerians speechless and heavy.

The increase in the prices of food items in the country is quite alarming,  the common person is afraid of celebrating Christmas with nothing to eat or show forth.

People are still struggling with social distancing in place and mask-wearing becoming official.  People feel restricted from enjoying this festive period as fun places will be shut down To make social distancing effective

Parents are in a panic about how they are going to spoil their children with presents when they haven’t even gotten enough money to  buy foods stuff

The good news

The good news is, amidst the chaos, uncertainty,  You can make this Christmas amazing, with bright lights full of love, with friends and family together.

The spirit of Christmas is always here, and you have to do your best this year. It’s a time of kindness, forgiveness, and affection. It’s all about your mindset.

It’s not easy, but you can reassure yourself that I’m not confined, despite the social distancing  I’m going to enjoy Christmas.

Christmas was never meant to bring sorrow or double our sorrow, This is a time of love. We as Christians are encouraged to show love to people around us because God is love.

What to do this period

These are pointers on what to do when you find this Christmas challenging

If you cant afford the kind of food you want, eat what you have with your family and move on. If you do not tell people what you ate on Christmas day, no one will know. Things are costly but you have to get what you could afford.

If you do not have the means to travel, stay where you are. Jesus wasn’t born in your village after all, and your village isn’t the appointed place for his birthday celebration.

Any villager who is desperately bent on seeing you should come looking for you where you are. of all things Jesus asked you to do I remembrance of him, Christmas wasn’t one of them

If you can’t afford new clothes, wear the ones you already have, it’s Jesus’s birthday and not yours, you must out-dress the celebrant. Wear your old clothes with happiness.

If you had lost your loved one to Covid-19 or the protest, please let the child Jesus heal your wounds.

Share what you have with people around you, they may not close up the gap for your deceased but, they will help you heal faster as well

Don’t wait for a Christmas gift, go out and get a little present for yourself, and even reach out to your neighbor

So cast off the old expectations of what is all about the Festive Season. Due to the possibility of catching COVID, many families around the world will not be celebrating together, so make the most of the time you have with the people you are going to be with this season.

Everything happens for a reason and instead of battling the circumstances in which we find ourselves, use this opportunity to accept the new person you are becoming


Sending you cyber hugs this festive season

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