what have you learned this year

What Have You Learned This Year

what have you learned this year

2020 has been… a year! Undoubtedly, we’re taught so much about ourselves, as well as those with whom we’ve spent a lot of time. (This year, for example, the lockdown made me want to develop my writing skills, and that’s how my blog became a reality. So, I asked a few people what they learned, and please add your own…

It taught me to be patient and not be afraid to strive for my dreams. I have published two books and have built a website. I have been wanting to do that for 20 years. Also, I got covid. I have to be patient with my recovery and wait for my body to heal. Janet Ilacqua Freelance general writer

This year taught me to be strong never lose my patience.. no matter what happens never show your weakness to the world not because they will judge you. But they will either mock you or block you(will become your obstacles to reach your aim..as they have learned about your weakness)…. sometimes it ok to not to be ok every time….give yourself time…and never stop learning Chinmayee Kishan

What Have You Learned This Year? sending you love and light, and saying bye-bye to 2020

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