What Happens During Bole food Festival

What Happens During Bole food Festival

What Happens During Bole  food Festival


I went to Kure market in Minna, Niger State in search of plantain, but I was marveled at what I saw.  sincerely, I couldn’t find the species of plantain that is common in the East and southern part of the country.

The picture of malnourished plantain I saw reminded me of something,  An event my brain has decided to store carefully. and it’s always evergreen in my memory.

I remembered a memorable festival I witnessed when I visited PortHarcout city last two years. The Bole food festival, 

let’s talk about Bole  food festival guy

what is bole

Bole,is a street food popular in the Niger Delta region, is made from plantain: roasted and served with pepper sauce and roast fish or chicken, or with yam or potato. Bole is also popular in western Nigeria, where it is served with groundnuts.

 … so what about Bole food  festival all about

What Happens During Bole  food Festival

The Bole Festival in Port Harcourt is an annual gathering initiated to encourage (and demonstrate) the rich and special preparation of Bole, an indigenous delicacy.

The Bole Festival is the biggest food festival in south and east Nigeria. 
The event holds at Port Harcourt, Rivers State.
Bole food festival is food-meet-fun event. The event is a celebration of urban culture through food that offers a guide to their rich heritage, attracting food lovers from around the world.
 This festival takes place in August every year, last year couldn’t hold as a result of the pandemic


 What actually happens during this festival

What Happens During Bole  food Festival

This gathering is surrounded by other obvious side attractions, such as shows, music, comedy, food contests, fun, and games, to name a few.

People dance till they are exhausted as indigenous artist are there for maximum   entertainment

There are shos and games, keeping people busy while they enjoy their bole.

The best part of this funfair is that it connects people from different places together

  How beneficial is this festival

It creates an avenue to promote indigenous artists

The likes of Dandizy, Skyb, Soul Plus, Legendary Suni, Kella Kay, August Chuks, Tchella, Siki, LAYE, Desmond, and the host of other artists from Port Harcourt represented their clan so well and made the event more colorful with their music and presence

Marketing opportunities

There are usually a variety of food exhibitors showcasing and selling diverse display of Bole (plantain) and fish. For local street food vendors, there are free vendor spaces, providing them with opportunities to attract customers and sales.

The organizers provided free vendor space at the start of the first edition of the Bole Festival in 2016 as a way to give back and inspire local street food vendor

The idea was to give them an opportunity to showcase their creativity with the Bole,  They attracted customers which increased their monthly sales by over 200 percent on the day of the festival.
The festival now provides small and medium-sized enterprises with over 200 stall spaces to showcase and sell their items on the day of the event.

Strong online interaction

What Happens During Bole  food Festival

The Bole festival has also encouraged and built a strong and interactive online community for food lovers.

The pages on different social media, to a larger, extend facilitated, the turn out of the last edition of this funfair

Promotion of culture

Food is part of a culture, thus, this festival promotes their culture by bringing to public awareness, their unique method of preparing plantain

 It profitable

This event witnessed about eight thousand attendees in 2019. Entry into the festival ground was pegged on an access fee of ₦1,000 per head.

We already know what 8,000 attendees will amount to if you do the maths

Currently, Rivers state GDP stands at $16,749 and with an event such as this, the net worth of the city would definitely skyrocket.

both the organizers and government profits from this festival

have you attended this festival before?

tell me about it

Best of luck!!!

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