Valentine’s Day gift for your husband that won’t break the bank

 it’s all about gift ideas

Whether you love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is just around the cornerYou can do so much better than buying boxers and singlet this February 14,

This time you should be creative with ideas,  whether you are working or not, there are Valentine’s Day gifts ideas  for your husband that won’t break the bank

Though the best gift a wife can give to her husband is her love, care, respect
Because he deserves everything good, and valentine day shouldn’t be the only time you let him know he is being loved

Good handwritten love letters:

Valentine's Day gift for your husband that won't break the bank

  You can permanently seal the moments spent with each other in letters. Tell him how life without him would have been worthless and, you love to marry him all over again. Make sure your letter is sealed in an official envelope before giving it to him.

one of the best gifts you should give your husband this time is a list of all of the things about them that you love. The list could also include simple facts about him as well, but only those that put him in a positive light, such as the skills they have, personality characteristics, etc

Food treat.

the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. You can prepare awesome food for him for the whole day, right from breakfast to dinner. Let him have all his favourite meals specially made for him by his lovely wife.

Create a love quote

Valentine's Day gift for your husband that won't break the bank

written words are indelible, it’s ideal you create a love quote that means something special to the both of you. Have the quote written in calligraphy – or do it yourself using a beautiful font printed on heavy paper from the cafe or either- buy a frame at a craft store or have it professionally framed.
There are services available online that can turn this quote into a work of art or you could do it yourself with archival decorative paper and adhesives.
This idea is going to be wonderful because your husband can look at it every day and know how special he is to you. Memories matter most, so give the gift of memories.

Go back to where you had the first date

Valentine's Day gift for your husband that won't break the bank

|you have to understand that men Most times values the least attractive things than the overhyped expensive stuff, can you still remember the place you guys went on your first date? Was it at a restaurant, a park, beach, bar, or cinema? Take him there and try to recreate the event.

Tie Set:

Valentine's Day gift for your husband that won't break the bank

A well-dressed man always steals the show, nothing completes a man like a tie, to go with his suit. getting him a set leaves him with more options

Customise his photo:

Customization shows you care and that you took the time to be thoughtful and not just purchase an item off the shelf.
How special do you think he will feel with the same old stuff you bought before
Now think, how special will he will feel if you took their favourite photo from their mobile or Facebook, and made something unique with it

A watch:

Valentine's Day gift for your husband that won't break the bank

Watch is one of the best gift ideas for a husband.
A watch isn’t just an instrument to check time anymore, It’s an accessory.
It defines the personality and gives you a look and class you never realized was super attractive. b
No matter what kind of man is he, you can never go wrong with this one.
Be it an athletic person, a business guy or a fancy nerd, there is a watch for everyone.
Give a custom gift


Men’s cufflinks are a classy and classic gift idea. Personal yet functional, there’s a set of cufflinks for every man out there.


If you want to give your man a gift he will use often and which will always be with him, then a wallet can be the perfect choice for you.

Glass Sippers:

For the man who loves to indulge in alcohol once in a while, sippers and glasses make a good gift.

Skincare products:

Who says only women should indulge in a skincare routine? Gift a skincare combo box to your man and make him feel special.

There are lots of gift ideas a wife could get for her husband on this special day, the list is inexhaustible

the most important thing is, at the  end of the day, you don’t need to break the bank in other to have a memorable valentine season with your beloved

I hope It was of great help to you
Do have a wonderful valentines day

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