The Myth Behind Bay Leaf


the myth behind

Bay leaf also known as  Laurel Nobilis, comes from the family of evergreen trees and shrubs most commonly found in parts of Asia and America. It’s different from other laurels because it originates near the Mediterranean.

Bay leaf has been used mainly in different ways throughout history, including as a diuretic or even as a diaphoretic, as a substance that promotes sweating.

But how do these uses measure up against the scientific study?  and are there other uses of the bay leaves?

Medically, Bay leaves keep cancer at bay, researchers are aggressively seeking new ways to teach and eventually prevent breast cancer.

Bay leave can also help lower and manage glucose levels and cholesterol levels in people diabetics. Bay leaves also helps in extracting healing properties and can reduce inflammation in the wound area.

Bay leave also helps in the treatment of kidney stones. Apart from medical benefits has turned spiritual. The myth behind the spiritual adherence of bay leaf is significantly relevant.

People around the world are now turning bay leaf into a reference context with the supreme being. being its caricature or a mere assumption a lot of people have continued to give several different testimonies on the importance of bay leaves

It is assumed to be a divine leaf and yields to prayer request depending on one’s faith and belief’

People say they  had made prayers with bay leaf and they got answers, just like cowrie, bay leaf has magical power when used in the right way


the myth behind

Lots of people burn bay leaves with different intentions sent to the universe for answers.  the instruction is to write your intentions onto the bay leaves, meditate on them and burn them with faith.

People also use the bay leaf for protection from bad energies. They do this By placing broken bay leaves in every corner of their room, in order to cleanse their room from negative energies.

The usage of this spiritual and sanctimonious wonderful leaf is not limited to space.  It” ve been used before now, by people who are aware of its spiritual usefulness and it’s still effective to date.

The myth behind bay leaf can only be proven true if you yourself can give it a shot, or It will remain a mystery to you.

People who have used it have testified about the workability, and effectiveness.

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