Social Media Platforms that will Boost your Business

In this information age, people are gradually shifting from physical shops to online shops via different social media platforms. most people have the intention of promoting their business online but the problem they often encounter is their inability to choose the right platform for their business. 

You have to understand that every social platform has its ups and downs, which appears to fill the voids between its rivals in such a way as to follow further sign-ups and usability.

You also have to understand that Nigeria is still developing in technology and otherwise, thus you don’t need to use platforms that your audience might not be able to reach you, you have to identify the social platform which is acceptable and common in your country for that is the first step in creating your online presence for business to take place.

You must understand that there are certain forms of business that have greater acceptability on one social networking site than the other, and selecting the right channel means seeking the right audience. Here are the four best social platforms to start within Nigeria because of their usability, reach, ease, and potential to drive revenue.


This is probably the biggest social networking platform in the world and one of the most commonly used. Yet Facebook was probably the first to cross the benchmark of 1 billion user accounts.

Apart from being able to network with friends and relatives, you can also access different Facebook apps to sell online and you can even market or promote your business, brand, and products using paid Facebook ads. The number of active users per month all over the world is: 2.7 billion approximately it is the leading social networking platform in Nigeria with an estimated account of 27.46 million people in Nigeria. Is this figure not amazing? If your answer is yes then you have to set a Facebook business page and meet to enable you to reach a large number of people

 I choose Facebook as my number one because it has more users in Nigeria than other platforms, virtually every book know about Facebook, their partnership with some Nigerian networks is also an advantage

Another reason why  Facebook is my number one is that it is the best site with the best support staff to help you reach your audience effectively. They target your audience based on their interest, their age, location, sex and many more 


Instagram is a unique social networking platform that was entirely based on a photo and video sharing. This social networking app allows you to capture the best moments of your life, with your phone camera or any other camera, and convert them to works of art.

It is possible because Instagram lets you add different filters to your images and you can quickly upload them to other popular social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. It’s now part of the Facebook network. A number of active users per month: 400 million approximately worldwide and 3.1 million people in Nigeria 

For those who deal with luxury clothes, amazing sills, cosmetics food, wear Instagram is the next place to set up your business particularly when it comes to music and fashion.

Though Instagram is a heavy site which consumes a lot of data, it a good business place, every second lot of images and video are been published in Nigeria, all you need to do is to like many photos and try to follow those who follow you. and try to be creative about your post, use a nice cameral for capturing.

The new feature makes it possible for you to link your Facebook and Instagram account The benefit of the Instagram and Facebook page setup is that you can use the same ads to target those on Instagram via your facebook page by visiting the Ads Manager and then following the required setup details.


This social networking site allows you to post short text messages (called tweets), containing a limited number of characters (up to 280 characters) to get your message across to the world. It allows you to do online shopping, Twitter also helps you to directly promote your company and even shop via twee.ts. The number of active users per month: 330 million approximately with an account of 1.8 million users in Nigeria but the problem is that most Nigerians find it really hard to use but it a communication platform ready for business With people who are serious, you can create themes through hashtags and follow a few influencers,

 be where your audiences are, and answer questions where necessary within your niche. All you need do is to get followers on Twitter who might be interested in your business is a simple matter. Follow those who are your competitor’s followers and go to places that are always key to them.



Linkedin has high-quality profiles for businesses and professionals. It a reliable platform for professional content across different industries, the ideal location for working-class, entrepreneurs, and entry-level professionals who are interested in your service. Another excellent network to choose from is LinkedIn. One interesting about LinkedIn is that you’ve got the opportunity to be a qualified leader. You discuss with people of like minds who are interesting in what you have to offer.

 You can always get on with activities here by providing helpful contributions to the conversation, forums, and valuable article sharing. You can also run your adverts in LinkedIn, it even targets more audience than Facebook 


 YouTube has 1.3 billion active users viewing over 5 billion videos every day, it receives more than 30 million visitors every day, Video content is much better than images when it’s related, detailed, clear, informative and interesting, 

For a blogger, the YouTube channel is an additional way to get some level of traffic because it’s owned by Google. Google shows more recognition for links that appear on their various products, that’s some SEO boost for your website, and SEO is the traffic that makes your website a successful one.

 You have to understand that YouTube videos are easily integrated into all platforms of social media, so it is easy to share your content across all platforms; expand your reach. If you have something you thin the word need to see then set your YouTube account and start making your video, your video needs to have quality content that can make someone wait otherwise you are wasting your time. 

These are the five basic social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and Youtube, which widely accessible to Nigerians. Now that we have exhausted these platforms we have been able to deal with the problem of knowing which platform to choose for our online business and online presence, I decided to talk about these five because there will be practically no need to have and signing up for platforms, you cannot manage. The most important thing is building an effective strategy for the one you already have

For your oIf you can be able to create your online presence in the above listed, then the next step will be how to utilize these platform 


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