Romantic things to do on valentines day

Romantic things to do on valentines day

looking for something romantic?

With Valentine day just around the corner, couples around the world are preparing to celebrate the love day in style.

It can be difficult to come up with new activities to do with your partner that will add some fun and adventure to your lives.

Having a list of romantic things to do in handy will ensure that you never run out of ideas for surprising your partner and making memories. because The two of you will never be short of things to do as a couple when you have this list handy whenever you feel stumped for ideas.

 these ideas are creative, not boring, not cheesy, but you do be sure you will have a fun-filled romantic moment with your better half.

 Take your partner to a concert.

Don’t let them know ahead of time that you have scored tickets for one of their favourite concert. Just don’t make other plans that night and then spring it on them at the last minute.


hiking will not be a bad idea If it’s a little cold where you live. going on a hike can be the best option to spend time with your partner away from the world and its noise. You will definitely have a great time in the company of your partner.

WATCH movies together

Create a list of the movies you would like to watch with your partner and spend the love day cuddling up in front of the TV with some wine and your favourite food.


Romantic things to do on valentines day

One of the best valentine day date night ideas is to cook some really good food for your partner. You can cook his/her favourite dish. if you are not a good cook, try making google your teacher. Decorate the dining room,

 Go to a karaoke bar.

No one really cares how badly you sing. Just get out of your shell and have a great time singing your favourite songs. A few drinks beforehand always help!

Go on a comedy show

This is such a  delightful surprise! You can laugh all night with your friends and then leave in a good mood. This will undoubtedly relieve the stress of the workweek and allow you and your partner to relax.


A unique way to bond is to go on a shopping spree with your partner. Put on your favourite pair of heels and dress, shirt and shoes, and head out to shop around. Get new lingerie, pretty shoes, a nice t-shirt or any other stuff that you have been waiting to buy. always make it romantic 

Words of Affirmation.

Order cards or post-it notes to express appreciation for your partner, write out positive affirmations or things you love about them to hide within other gifts or start a new journal with a love letter that you’ll add to each year. 


clubbing will be a blast if you and your partner are party animals, this will be the best idea for you, the night idea is to go out drinking, dancing and having the time of your life. Visit a few good clubs around town.


Unleash your creative and sexy side with body painting. This will add a fun element to the foreplay. Paint on your partner’s body or their dress or t-shirt.


Set the romantic tone by doing all the things you enjoy doing together.  But before then Act as if you don’t have power by lighting candles and turning off the light and your phones. Instead of focusing on electronics, spend the evening in the glow of candlelight talking and spending quality time with each other.  Watch a movie, cuddle, do some house cleaning, decorate the house or cook for each other.


Balloon rides are thrilling and romantic. Experience the thrill of flying with a romantic dinner date and some champagne. Wear warm clothes as it can get pretty cold up there.


if you and your loved one has been living a busy life, then going on a spa date is the best choice. both of you   will feel refreshed, comfortable and relaxed.

 A long drive with romantic songs

This may look simple to you but honestly is the hardest to do considering the traffic on the roads. You need to look for the routes with less traffic and a pen drive with loads of love songs.

Acts of Service.

Consider preparing (or picking up) your partner’s favourite meal or investing in something that will make their daily life easier. you can repair their broken stuff or replace them 

Physical Touch.

Take turns giving each other a massage. You can do this in front of a movie or in bed while listening to relaxing music. The physical touch will be relaxing and romantic.


Try a few of these date ideas with the person you love. Make a commitment to do a few of these a month. You may get a chance to see your beloved in a new light and learn something new about each other.

best wishes

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