10 Things That will Save You In Abuja


10 Things That will Save You In Abuja

The capital and most populous city of Nigeria is Abuja. It is one of the few intentionally constructed capitals in all of Africa and has a sizable number of leisure and tourism facilities.

This state was originally inhabited by the Gbagyi, Bassa Gade, Ganagana, and Koro peoples, it presently serves as a neutral ground for all the different cultures in Nigeria. It is positioned in such a way that it is able to blend the classic look and the contemporary.

Peradventure you find yourself in this wonderful city, either for an official visit or tourism

Never get beaten up by things to do, because  Abuja is one of the easiest cities to navigate through, good road network, and top-notch locations for relaxation and others 

This city can be boring if you are a newbie,  because its more of a high-brow area

With these 10 must-visit places, you will have a blast stay in Abuja

Take a trip to one of Jabi  park

10 Things That will Save You In Abuja

Take a walk across Jabi lake and maybe get on a small boat across the lake. I just it is interesting, Jabi lake is among the best park in the entire country offering plenty of stuff to do in and around the area

Visit the art and craft village

10 Things That will Save You In Abuja


This is one of the great locations where tourists can see and purchase some of Nigeria’s arts and crafts, that reflect the culture of the nation. The art galleries are made of thatched-roofed huts with red earthen walls (clay). Small “warrior and horse” statuettes, beaded necklaces and bracelets, African traditional masks, leather bags, and clothing are all examples of the artwork. There are also food and beverage stands available

Visit  Lower Usman Dam

The Lower Usman Dam may fall among the less well-known sights to see,  but trust me a visit will change your mind. The Federal Capital Territory Water Board (FCTWB) of Nigeria owns this dam. it supplies a majority of Abuja’s water needs. Lower Usman Dam is situated in Bwari, close to Kubwa, and is surrounded by beautiful rolling hills. It provides picnic areas and opportunities for hiking, canoeing, and fishing for visitors.

Try paintballing

10 Things That will Save You In Abuja

Go paintballing and thank me later.. winks.  yes I mean it, go burst some bubbles,  go paintballing at Bush fighters paintball club Arena located at River plate Park, CBD Abuja Central park. it is in the heart of the city, so it is easily accessible

Join a workout group

There are a few groups that go on hiking on Saturday morning, you can follow the tfchatterhouse outdoor tribe on Instagram. Abuja folks have groups for everything, they are that organised.  There are hiking groups like strike Nigeria, Google local guide, and Naija Adventures, you need to hike the wonderland mountain in Abuja, you will only see the wonders it hides when you go up there,  it’s a great place to start meeting people. So, don’t get bored this weekend check them out

Visit the thought pyramid

The Thought Pyramid is a lovely Art Gallery with an aesthetically brilliant environment.  It has a wide, expansive space- (over 2 floors)It welcomes  events like exhibitions, theatre performances, symposiums, workshops, musical events, lectures, and art education programs. all in a bid to preserve cultural heritage through artistic expression” and lots more!

Art is life and a refreasher of soul


If you are into sports, go play at Rockview hotel or at the national stadium in the evening on Wednesdays or morning on weekends. at the stadium, you will get to play  basketball, and squash at the stadium only

Attend seminars

so many seminars hold in Abuja just for fun. if you are that person that loves literally works and poetic sounds then you need to -give this a try. yes im serious because i do,  and i did not regret it . the Abuja literature society event holds every Friday at sandralia hotel or salamander cafe. the good thing is, that they alternate between the locations, I tell you what, you will meet excellent people of like minds through this event. 

Hit the cinema

Abuja has few cinemas such as silver bird where you can enjoy both foreign and local Nollywood movies. you will always get to meet people and make sure you are open minded

Take a walk around the neighbourhood

I tell you what, Abuja has lots of hidden places, yes places you may never think of, poor areas where poverty reigns,  you can visit those places with your camera and  record how poverty seems to exist peacefully across the fence with mind-blowing wealth


what is your thought on this life-saving list of things to do in Abuja?

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